Drum Drum Piano

Piano game for kids. It favors its cognitive stimulation. Every key pressed make [...]

Maze Escape

Game to observe grade three math abilities, created by my ICS3U college students [...]

Pokemon Engine

A 728 occasion engine on a pokemon model game quickly obtainable in scirra retai [...]

My Touch Piano Baby

Supreme for infants and kids. Actual piano sound. Animations when taking part in [...]

Piano Kids

Play with the pc or with the telephone!Press the keys to see humorous animations [...]

Physics Tank

#Options:#- Quite simple code: 6 occasions solely (three for tank creation, 2 fo [...]


no Description:blablablablablablablablablablablablablablavS Go backwardsA D Left [...]


Hit the ball off of the paddle and hit the blocks to make them disappear. When a [...]

Level UP RPG System

This template you should purchase in scirra retailer [...]

Snowball Fight

A easy top-down shooter instance based mostly on the Assemble tutorial.Use the a [...]

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